Private Tours

Hiking Tours  hilltops, waterfalls, beaches Hiking around Koh Samui is a fantastic start to the day Hiking to views points that many visitors to Koh Samui miss. Trekking through fruit plantations, tropical flowers and plants in bloom, and beautiful butterflies A long the hill tops in amongst nature you will see locals working the fruit […]

3 hrs

Rock-Climbing on Koh Samui is new and exciting. A family friendly activity Rocks and Ropes is located in a scenic part of Koh Samui, famous for its large boulders and stunning views Rock-climbing training at the center is the perfect family activity. Children as young as 4 yrs can join in the fun Within a 3 […]

8 hrs

Angthong Marine Park Semi-Private snorkeling and Kayaking tours on the Blue or Red Dragon Yachts On the Red and Blue Dragon, you can enjoy smaller groups and avoid the groups around Angthong Marine Park Service on board the Blue and Red Dragon are not far from VIP, at affordable prices Visiting Angthong Marie Park is […]

4 hrs

Island Picnic on a tropical Island in Thailand on a private longtail boat, seems dreamy, right? A romantic day tour, or Hens Party, Honeymoon whatever the occasion, it’s the perfect way to relax taking home some wonderful photo memories Koh Taen and Koh Mudson are less commercialized Island, situated on the South side of Koh Samui With […]