Private Tours

Private Tour with Samui Explorer takes you around the Island, visiting most popular tourist sites on Koh Samui. Explore Samui Tours is a snap-shot of Koh Samui on a private tour. Why not explore Koh Samui with Samui Explorer at the start of your holiday and see what our beautiful Tropical Island has to offer. This allows […]
Private Tailor-Made Tour  – To build your perfect day simply contact Samui Explorer we will give you a list of ideas what you can see. Samui Explorer gives you a list of ideas and together we can build your perfect tour We will remove all sites which you have no interest in seeing and then build […]
Passengers arriving onto Koh Samui via Cruise Ship Tender Boats the following Private tours are available Due to the arrival timing, none of the group’s tours on the Island are available to passengers, you’re only option is a private tour. Below are a few options of set tours available via Samui Explorer, but we also […]
Longtail Boat Private Charter – 6hrs – 1-6 persons – 12,000 baht Longtail Boat Private Charter – 6hrs – 7 – 12 persons – 17,000 baht Snorkeling around Koh Taen and Koh Mudson is a great day out for those wanting only a half day tour. The sea life is better than that around Koh […]