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Angthong Marine Park VIP Speedboat Simply Spectacular

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Angthong Marine Park what a wonderful place

What a spectacular place, peaceful, tranquil surroundings, still unspoiled by tourism.

Apart from the wonderful Marine Park, the next wonder of the day was the staff and the organization of 100 Degrees East

From start to finish the whole day was organized very well, the safety was paramount, service levels so high they were flawless, and at the end even when the weather changed the Captain ensured we all arrived back safely and as smoothly as possible.

They also care about the Marine life and the effects, before leaving the office we all had an explanation about why certain actions are detrimental to the environment and Marine life.

Our fins and mask were sized out and ensured all fitted comfortably before leaving for our tour

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Only 12 persons maximum on the speedboat leaving much room to be seated where you choose. I chose to sit up front and be a little explorer seeking that adrenaline rush. Life jackets were handed to each person and explained at all time that they must be worn whilst traveling on the boat.

Our 1st stop was snorkeling at a quiet area just on the outskirts of the marine park. As we arrived we passed numerous boats of all sizes moored with customers, our location was away from the crowds.

The sea life was in abundance however, I must admit that the waters were not as clear however visibility was still clear enough to see the sea life below.

At all times the guides stayed in the water, staying close by inexperienced snorkellers. The guides had with them floating rings for those feeling tired or frightened in the water.

angthong marine park vip tour samui explorer


Our next set of activities was at the headquarters of the Marine Park – Kayaking to an unspoiled beach. Only a short journey approx 15 minutes each way.

Our time was relaxing, swimming and simply taking in the breathtaking surroundings. The staff again were very attentive for those feeling uneasy in the kayaks. They spend time taking family photos, for each group which never seemed at all an issue for them simply brilliant.

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Samui Explorer exploring


After kayaking, we enjoyed a delicious Thai buffet which included, curry, vegetable dish, fried chicken, Thai salads, and spring rolls. Plenty of food to go around everyone and more

For those more adventurous were offered additional trekking which was more like rock climbing, which was great fun. The views from the top were just amazing that left you drifting somewhere else for moments.

The last group of activities was the trek to the Emerald lake viewpoint, which wasn’t so far in the boat.

The trek was an easier one, and the views were somewhat different than the 1st, but just as amazing.

Our trip was cut short due to weather change. We watched the black cloud move over us, so for safety, the Captain decided we should leave early to make our journey home safely.

This was a decision much appreciated by all on board as the weather changed so much so the waters were very choppy, and some onboard suffered seasickness.

The staff showed genius concern for their customers on board and even took the time to massage one of the customers who seemed to be distressed.

As an agent on Koh Samui, I recommend this tour highly, simply because of the staff on board and the organization of the operator. You can’t offer this level of service which 25 + passengers on board a speedboat, or spend the time and receive such a personal touch from the staff.

Samui recommends and will only book operators offering tours on the Island that offer such fabulous service for their customers.

For more information on how to book Angthong Marine Park VIP Tour and prices for this fabulous tour please contact us directly

Angthong National Marine Park VIP Speedboat Tour


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Tours , Trips Activities on offer around Koh Samui Thailand

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Tours, Trips, or Activities, what is your fancy?

Tours, Koh Samui has a vast range of things to see or do, for a wide range of age groups

Whether you’re searching for a Private Island Tour, Snorkeling trip, Kayaking, hiking/trekking, Island Safari, or Watersport Sea Safari we have it all. We take pride in our name, and the credibility we have achieved by that we sell to our customers the best tours on the Island offered by the highest rated tour operators

Our customers will pay for value for money, safety at all times, a high level of customer care, and reliability

The most popular trip from Koh Samui is the Angthong Marine Park, which is made up of 42 Islands.

You can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, hike, beach time or simply relax on an unspoiled beach

This tour is a must if only joining one tour is in your holiday budget.

With a choice of boats, Speedboats and Luxury yachts to choose from, with an option for every budget

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Or explore the surrounding Island Koh Phangan, Koh Som, Koh Taen, or Koh Mudson

Choose to book a private charter Catamaran, or Longtail Boat, or simply join a group tour

The choice is yours

If trekking or hiking is your thing then why not explore out stunning waterfalls, experience some spectacular views, and trek through the natural beauty of Koh Samui.

Cycling, ATV, SUP and much more are on offer for those searching for activities rather than chilling

We have a wide range of Extreme Watersports available, and a fabulous Sea Safari Jet Ski tour to Koh Phangan to explore beautiful bays and secret waterfalls

There is definitely something for everyone

Why not contact Samui Explorer today for some great recommendations. If you cant see what you like, or cannot decide then email Samui Explorer for a little assistance

Grab yourself a bargain and receive honest advice, based on your wants and needs

Or visit us at our office in the Big Buddha Coffee Shop located inside the Big Buddha Temple

Please take time to read our reviews below on Trip Advisor from previous happy customers


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2017 Planning Your Tours on Koh Samui

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2017 Samui Explorer is planning ahead for our customers

2017 Will bring new tours, new plans, and great discounts

Samui Explorer will be much more interactive with our customers

Tours which we sell, we have always carefully chosen for our customers, and recently added some exciting adrenalin rush activities off road, and on the water

2016 we added Luxury Yacht tours and Half Day Traditional Long Tail Boat tours to secluded Islands . Snorkeling, kayaking or simply beach-time

2017 tours samui explorer
Longtail Boat to Koh Taen

2017 tours samui explorer

But 2017 we will offer fantastic discounts on most tours, and an agency inside our coffee Shop – The Big Buddha Coffee Shop Inside the Big Buddha Temple

2017 Big Buddha Coffee Shop

We will incorporate coffee’s and tour special deals, comfortable seating and fabulous views to enjoy relax and enjoy choosing the right tour for you

You Should Be With Us!

Travel Samui Explorer Tours
Big Buddha Coffee Shop – Michelle
Alternatively you can contact us by via our website


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Samui Explorer Doing It The Right Way

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Samui Explorer is a small family run Tour Agency

Our office is situated inside our coffee shop The Big Buddha Coffee, located in the Big Buddha Temple.

Samui Explorer has been Trading since 2012 we have grown rapidly becoming one of Koh Samui’s reputable Tour Agencies and Private Tour Company.

Samui Explorer specializes in Private Tailormade Island Tours, Private Drivers, and Private Airport/Pier Transfers to and from Resorts and Private Villa’s around the Island


Samui Island Explorer recommends and makes bookings for only the highest rated operators on Koh Samui that offer excursions and activities.

Koh Samui’s Tour Operator’s offer the same  Itineraries for all excursions, making it difficult to choose. Samui Explorer chooses the excursions based on the boat, yachts, and speedboats, emphasizing on comfort, value for money and the level of service our customers will receive rather than the Itinerary.

Our Mission – To ensure all our customers go back home with fantastic memories of their holiday on Koh Samui

Contacting Samui Explorer is easy, via email , by Facebook  Samui Explorer, or  contact us via our website or pop in and see us at our office inside the Big Buddha Temple, in our coffee shop – The Big Buddha Coffee Shop ( see below)

Samui Island Explorer


Please take time to read Trip Advisor reviews from previous customers

Below are a choice of a few recommended tours, to take part in whilst on the Island

Hiking Tours around Koh Samui From 2500 baht

Private Tailor-made Island Tour From 2250 baht

Speedboat VIP Tour Angthong National Marine Park

Koh Tao Island Snorkeling VIP Tour 2700b